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By Antony Thomas - Published March 2022

"In the Line of Fire is one of the finest books written in the last years about documentary practice and its goals. It is a must-read for all those interested in nonfiction film

What impresses one is the sense that we have been reading about a man who wants to better the world—someone who can ask hard questions without being hostile, whose work is superbly crafted, and who demonstrates a tremendous empathy with fellow human beings."


"This is an important book for anyone wishing to understand what makes good documentaries, and the guiding principles of integrity and even-handedness that should accompany them, even in the harshest conditions."

Brave New Europe


"[Thomas’] fifty-two-year career is revelatory of the way in which his early experiences shaped his humanitarian eye as a documentary filmmaker. The timeless subjects covered include the pernicious effects of racism, the fluid correlation between intelligence and crime, the last colonial wars in Africa, the conflicts in the Middle East, the rise of Islamic extremism, the politicisation of Evangelical Christians in the United States and the origins of fake news.


It is an inspiring read for both aspiring and expert filmmakers, as well as the curious outsider.  And it is an important reminder of the fact that, when it comes to good storytelling, emotion is the number one consideration."

Book Blast


"In The Line of Fire is, without doubt, essential reading for any aspiring documentary filmmaker or scholar of film. Moving, colourful, and suffused with human warmth, Thomas takes the reader on a mesmerising journey through a life dedicated to making some of the most memorable documentaries of the past fifty years."


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